Nutrition & Diet Consultaion

Want to lose weight, get healthier or build muscle but confused over what to eat and which exercises to do. Your last diet plan was so strict and monotonous that you could not follow this for quite long. Your last diet made you feel deprived and finally resulted in more weight gain.

The No. 1 thing most diets have in common is the lack of stick-with-it-ness. So if you are 'Tired' of the yo yo unrealistic diet…

We bring to you our NUTERRO range of diet programs that are aptly designed to meet your needs, goals and lifestyle at every stage of your life. Whether it's weight loss, build muscle, manage weight, detox, or therapeutic etc. we have covered 'em all!




At Nuterro we believe in gradually modifying your diet plans and bringing about permanent changes to promote better health. We provide a customized holistic nutrition and exercise plan for achieving the goal.

Our expert dietician provides with the smart diet plan as per your taste preferences, lifestyle & physique so it lasts longer and gradually becomes integral part of lifestyle.

To top it all you will get an access to fitness trainer and Dietician who will guide you out with your food plan and exercises apt for your body. You also get an access to our web based app wherein you can see and comply your diet and exercise plan, track calorie and macronutrients, chat to our nutritionist and trainer, and track your progress.



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We cater to nutrition and diet needs of all age groups from all walks of life (in good health or in disease) across India. We have diet plans/advice for everyone, including infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, adults and sports persons.

Our diet and Nutrition Plans …

  • Include foods that you enjoy eating
  • Fit into your lifestyle so that you can stick to it easily
  • Are highly personalized as no diet fits everyone
  • Are flexible to account for eating out or a day where you need more treats – birthdays happen!
  • Are modified at regular intervals according to your feedback, making you more involved and interested
  • Allow for more food (and treats if needed) by taking exercise into account.
  • Are varied.  No food should be banned.
  • Are healthy and nutritionally balanced.

We provide support and motivation.

Our experts teach you all about your dietary needs, food and nutrition.

We make you learn how to control emotional eating.

Our nutrition consultants and trainer follow up with you on a weekly basis till the end of your program, providing support throughout.

Our web app: Access your diet and exercise plan; follow and comply every day to track your calorie and macronutrient intake and burn rate; Chat to Nutritionist and trainer. Track progress.